10,000 students in Gujarat share medical data on vCura platform

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

More than 10,000 students have in state have enrolled on vCura platform which focuses on a holistic approach towards child health and well-being. The company records and maintains medical data of students.

This would help school authorities in case of emergencies and at the same time give guidance to parents about taking care of their child. “In our country a complete view of health is nowhere a priority for parents or teachers alike. We find that there is a huge gap at schools where deploying resources or solutions to record and maintain medical data of students is either missing or minimum”, said Dhiraj Sharma-founder vCura.

Some key findings of data show interesting facts. The divide between urban and rural is significant. Children in urban areas are obese while in rural they are underweight!!. In urban areas most of the children have spectacles while in rural areas few have eyesight problems, Sharma added.

More than 74% of children who are under nourished have medical issues like Fever, Skin Rashes, Constant stomachaches. Thus, enabling schools to focus their resources towards better nutrition for children.

More than 43% students were found to have dental issues. While schools maintain data in Individual student files, aggregation of this number will help schools provide regular medical attention in this area.

200 children reported to have allergies. A high percentage of parents (mostly rural) did not even think that allergies are a cause of worry and need medical attention. They were made to understand the severity and need to attend to it.

Phase II of vCura will be focussed on digitizing mental & emotional health. We will administer assessments, record trends, highlight concerns, provide insights on overall development of children to schools and Parents.

Also in a big move, recently CBSE announced a directive asking its 19,300-odd affiliated schools to maintain health records of all students of all classes. vCura is in talks with many CBSE affiliated schools across the country to enable them maintain records using our platform”, he added..

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