Dholera has best storm water management

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Dholera has best storm water management system in India which is nearing completion, says Jaiprakash Shivahare, CEO and Managing Director of Dholera Industrial city which is coming up Ahmedabad district.

Interacting with newsmen, he said that there been sporadic cases of water logging seen in some of the plots which normally happens during any major construction work. However this was the rainwater that was trapped in these plots while the storm drain system is still under construction. Once the plots are filled, the system will be able to handle storm situations without any problems. Dholera will set an example for the best storm-water management system and will be a role model for all future cities of India, he added”

The rain falling in the upstream watershed flows towards the Bhugavo, Sukhbhadar and Lilka rivers. The rivers traversing Dholera and upstream areas are rain-fed rivers and hence water flow in the rivers is only during the rainy season. Rainwater eventually flows into the Gulf of Khambat, gets percolated into the ground or evaporates.

Dholera Industrial City – India’s largest greenfield smart city and industrial corridor – is being specifically designed with infrastructure based on several international parameters and best practices, he says. For instance, storm water management design in Dholera Industrial City has taken into consideration a one in 100 years flood storm. All the infrastructure has been designed to sustain this storm and the underground drainage has been designed to safely evacuate the rainwater to the ocean.

The infrastructure in Dholera city includes the entire underground trunk infrastructure like potable and recycled water network, sewage and industrial effluent network, storm water drains, power and ICT ducts. The plan is to make the city dig-free and manage the system with the highest efficiency. Since all the infrastructure is underground, the road level is approximately two-metre higher than the existing ground level which will further protect the area from any floods.

Land Filling

However at the same he admits that to bring land level at par, plots will have to be filled with soil. The dept ranges from 1.6 to three meters. This would require 70 lakh Cu mt of soil. The enire area is of 920 Sq Km of which 422 Sq Km will be developed in phases. He says soil woul be no problem.

No delay

He said that there was no delay in the project which was formalized in 2009. It is such a massive project that it takes time to take off. Now with all infrastructural facilities getting reading by next year buyers will come and take land.

To a question, he said that land is being offered in Dholera Special Investment Region on first come basis and later it will be given through bidding. Until now, one one plot has been sold. Tata Chemical has bought it .

Torrent which has got the job of providing electricity in the entire area has also bought land for its substation.

Electrical vehicle industry showing interest

He said that many industries have shown interest in investing here. But is takes time for deciding on investment project requiring huge funds. Tata Chemicals is the only industry which has bought land in Dhoela SIR. Tata Chemicals Ltd is going to set up a factory to make lithium-ion cells. This has triggered interest of electric vehicle industry, he said.

One of the major challenges in attracting investment is the norms for investment. We have decided to keep polluting industries away, he said. Otherwise we could have sold all the land overnight. But no chemical industry or bulk pharma, he said. Industry here should be eco friendly so that people living in the city have healthy and pollution free environment.

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