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Diamond portrait for Modi as bday gift


Gujarat Global News Network

 An architect from Diamond City Surat has prepared a sparkling gift for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday which is on September 17. PM will turn 73.

He has made a portrait of PM with 7200 lab-grown diamonds of different shades. Four types of diamonds in different shades have been used, Vipul JPwala the architect said.

About his venture, Vipul said he looked at thousands of photos of the Prime Minister before zeroing in on one. “After looking at the shade of the face in the photo, I selected four types of diamonds in different shades to create the portrait,” said Vipul.
He said it took him three months to make the portrait and he wanted to gift it to the Prime Minister on his birthday. “However, it was not possible to meet him on his birthday and so now I plan to present it to him when he is in Surat to inaugurate the Surat Diamond Bourse,” said Vipul.

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