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Healthy snacks at healthy rates

Healthy snacks at healthy rates. Majority of mothers are these days Worried about children eating packets of snacks which are made in palm oil, sugars and no essential minerals.Children today need healthy snacks which do not harm their body. For this Vyndo, a company has launched healthy snacks at affordable prices

Quenching the thirst of a world that yearns for a healthier tomorrow, NURAsoi’s journey is an inspiration to all. In a landscape that is so firmly cemented with individuals running against the clock, NURAsoi seamlessly weaves itself into their routine, offering delicious, personalized health oriented ecosystem – a testament to the fact that living well doesn’t have to mean giving up on convenience.

At Nurasoi they compile the art and science of creating tasty, nutritious and innovative food product range. Their aim is to provide products that are not only delicious but also provide essential nutrients which will contribute in vitality and overall well- being. With company’s promising philosophy of providing food without compromising on the nutrition and health aspect, we explore in

They are Millet based with No artificial flavours, preservatives, flour or palm oil. They are healthy yet tasty. Launched by dietician Komal Patel under the brand name of NURAsoi the Product range includes bhakris, khakhras and soon to come extruded snacks. Chandan Maloo looks after the marketing strategies.
The products are available Currently in India, UK, Canada.

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