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The win wasn’t as easy as it seemed. India had put forward its best ever combine of players possible. The strategy was impeccable. They had a mix of everything that could work in all contingencies. They defended low scores. They played through, even when the top order fell and most of all the bowlers spelt the magic like never before. But the ultimate victory came through ABSOLOUTELY sterling leadership from the captain Rohit Sharma and the strategist Rahul Dravid. They stoically held the team together and ensured that winning every game became a habit.

For the Indian team it was a psychological upheaval, considering the last World Cup performance, where they just crumbled to Australia, as if giving up without a fight. They had to get over that debacle and shoot straight and aim deep.

Look at the line up that won the game. People commented upon Rohit’s fitness, Virat’s form as an opener. They trolled this soldier called Pandya almost to depression, getting into his personal family life and they called Surya a government employee pushed forward by some politician.

-Brigadier Neil John, SM (Retd)

But I am in awe of the faith rendered with under performers like Dubey. They held him there and he contributed when it was needed. That’s what gentlemen I call a team that understands long time undertakings and prevails over short term goals.

This team had leadership on display. From use of fancy bad words, to an agressive body language that isn’t natural to peace loving Indians. They had a fever that was intoxicating and two billion people being inspired.

A victory made easy, when told through the eyes of the team that won it, will be a tale of hardships, capturing fear, negating doubts, fights with self confidence and prevailing over the politics of the game. For India it wasn’t a World Cup victory of cricket. It was a victory that shows a resurgent India, ready to break all shackles of psychological and physical dominance and emerge as THE LIONS OF CHARACTER.
-Brigadier Neil John, SM (Retd)-

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