CERC asks centre to set up regulatory bodies to control CNG-LPG prices

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Finally someone has taken the initiative to help consumer of CNG-LPG from the frequent increases the prices of the gases from the private companies. Ahmedabad-based Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC), has written a letter to Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Jaipal Reddy urging the central government to set up state-level regulatory bodies to control frequent hike in auto gas prices and also make gas utilities accountable. 

The CERC has highlighted the issue with the example of Adani Gas Ltd, which has increased gas price seven times in the last 15 months; since government does not have control on these monopolies there has been a 46.8 per cent hike in the price during the same period. 

In the letter it has stated, “CERC is concerned about increase in prices of petroleum products such as petrol, diesel and gas which has in turn increased the inflation rate and as a result, consumers at large are severely affected. We appreciate the stand taken by Central Government for constituting State Electricity Regulatory Commission in order to control electricity charges and to make electricity companies accountable for their performances. It is regretted that we do not have such regulatory bodies in petroleum sector and as a result, consumers are at the mercy of the monopolist company.” 

“We would appreciate if petroleum ministry takes similar steps to constitute state gas regulatory boards in order to control frequent increases in gas prices and simultaneously protect the interests of consumers. Though Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Body (PNGRB) based in Delhi has been constituted, it does not have powers to control petrol and gas prices,” said the letter.

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