Children’s University for adults

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

The title may sound surprising to you but this is a fact about the children’s University in Gandhinagar. This is the only University of its kind in the country.The university does not conduct programs like other formal Universities with which we are familiar. It has no affiliated college nor does it give any degree to any student.
Despite all this the university is engaged in a massive task of the development of the child. It has programs aimed at development of mother, individual students and schools to provide better child development facilities. Giving details of the work of the university, its vice chancellor Harshad Shah said that University focuses on the child when it is in the womb and it has set age limit of 18 for its child development programs. The concept of Children’s University is brainchild of Harshad Shah.

He said that in the Tapovan program of the university, expectant mothers  are given training about how to conceive a good and healthy child through normal delivery. This is what is called garbhadan sanskar, he said.This Tapovan program is Run in 19 places in Gujarat state.

Another program is of having school which focus on all round development of children. This is Vidyaniketan program. Till the date,he said, 27 schools are included in Vidya Niketan program. Such schools have to meet set of certain conditions like play ground.He said that they have started accreditation program also in which school which stand on the merit of the university are given accreditation certificate. Two schools have been accredited.

Encouraged by the success of the concept, he said, it has been decided to increase its reach and bring more people and institutions in its fold. To begin with at Gujarat level, the university is now opening up all its programs to all. It will soon give advertisements about programs like Tapovan and Vidya Niketan and anyone who fulfills the conditions will be included in the programs.

The university also brings out books and other literature focusing on the all round development of the child. Harshad Shah said that all know that a child is basically dependent on his parents, family and the society and if we  wish to improve development of a child we have to prepare right type of agents who influence the growth of the child and so children’s University aims to prepare adults to give right kind of influence in the growth of the child.

Giving an example he said that mobile addiction in children is a major challenge in child development. But who is responsible for this. It is the parents who go for short cut to buy peace from a crying or nagging child thatthey themselves give mobile to the child. It has badly affected the normal development of the child and has put him to great risk of radiations. To deal withg this parents will have to change and not the child.

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