Facebook to ‘crush’ candy crush invites

Gujarat Global News Network, New Delhi

Ther is some cheering news for facebook users who get irritated by people sending them candy crush requests. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised to shut down these invites.

During a Q&A session here Zuckerberg was asked as to how to stop getting candy crush requests. He said, “I saw this top-voted question on my thread and sent a message to the person in charge of the developer platform to get rid of this issue. There are some tools that are outdated which let people send people invites. We hadn’t prioritized shutting it down, but we are doing it now.”

On October 16, when Mark Zuckerberg announced his townhall and invited questions on Facebook, a person called “Hims Digari” asked “how to stop getting candy crush request? I seriously dont wanna play it. Delete Candy crush game none of us wanna play it”. This question ended up being the most-voted question on his thread. As soon as this news broke out, people on social media thanked the Facebook CEO for his endeavour.

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