Female sexual dysfunction, a growing problem

Gujarat Global News Network,Ahmedabad

Female sexual dysfunction is fast emerging as a new focus area for gynaecologists and research is resulting in medicines exclusively for females. The next decade will be focussed on treatment of female sexual dysfunction.

To make gynaecologists aware of the advances in this emerging filed the three-day Urogynaec 2015 in Ahmedabad has female sexual dysfunction as a topic. Giving details of Urogynaec 2015 which began Friday, Dr. Vineet Mishra, Organising Chairpersons, said that over 600 doctors are participating in the workshop which has 40 live surgeries related to dealing with the problems of female prolapse, site specific defect repair, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence.

Through these live surgeries doctors are learning latest operative methods to make surgeries more safe and effective. Doctors from all over the country and abroad are showing their skills and methods in these live surgeries.

Talking about female sexual dysfunction, he said though the problem has not been studied in detail in India, US studies indicate that 60 percent female face this problem around menopause period which takes place around 48 years of age. He said a small scale study on a sample of 500 here in Ahmedabad also indicated the same trend.

Initially, he said, Viagra was common medicine for both, male and female. But recently oral medicines and gel have been developed to deal with problem of female sexual dysfunction. The problem with Indian females is that they are shy in talking about this problem. However, they have started confiding in their doctor.

Urogynaecology is a branch of medicine related to disorders of female urinary incontinence and lower reproductive organ supports like uterovaginal or bladder or rectal prolapse. An urogynecologist is a gynaecologist having specialized training for understanding of pelvic support and female urinary system and problems related to it in order to offer appropriate treatment option whether surgical or conservative care.

Their documentation are just a tip of iceberg because of associated social stigma with it. Females don’t come up with their problems and consider them normal associated with ageing.

The Institute of Kidney Desease and Research Centre(IKDRC-ITS) is working for these problems since 2000 and are the pioneer in the west zone of the country to organise unique focussed Workshop on this issue.

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