Fishermen seek assistance for modern communication technologies

Gujarat global News Network, Ahmedabad

Faced with difficulties in high seas fishermen in the state have demanded financial assistance for adopting modern technology. Only a handful of fishermen have modern satellite phones rest are handicapped. This poses a challenge for 2 lakh plus fishermen of the state who have to risk their lives for livelihood.

Elaborating further TulsibhaiGohel, President of Veraval’s Boat Owners’ Association, Kharva Sanyukta Machhimar Boat Association, said,  Fishermen are often trapped mid-sea and lose their lives due to a lack of timely information and lack of SoS data capability. Our vessels and fishermen are routinely apprehended by neighboring countries; Pakistan detaining 49 of Gujarat Fishermen on September 15th is only the latest such incident.

He lamented that GPS system of Gujarat government was ineffective and was of little help for them. On the other hand satellite phone are very expensive and government should provide assistance for it. He said that association will write to Prime Minister for assistance.

Along with enhancing safety, technology can also help the fishermen raise their productivity and enable e-commerce transactions at sea. Through 2–way data systems, it is now becoming easier to send fish location data to fishermen at sea to ensure better supply and demand matching, while allowing fishermen to access markets and transact at sea to maximize the value of their catch, he added.

Despite being a sunrise sector, which engages over 2.8 Crore fisherfolk with many more along the value chain, the fisheries sector continues to grapple with issues related to the growing loss of lives, with fishermen eagerly awaiting decisive action on behalf of the Government to reap the benefits of Pradhan Mantri MatsyaSampada Yojana (PMMSY).

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