Government exploiting teachers through fixed wages

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

The State government is exploiting teachers by giving them a paltry sum of Rs. 5300 as fixed wages. Even though the High Court has termed this as exploitation and directed the state government to give full pay to teachers the government has taken the matter to Supreme Court. The HC’s remark that this is not a vibrant state is true and the level of education is deteriorating day by day, alleged Congress MLA from Abdasa Shaktisnh Gohil.

Participating in the discussion on demands of Education, Ports and Civil supplies department in the State Assembly today he said thousands of posts of teachers are vacant in the state. And the state government is wasting lakhs of rupees every year in the name of Shala Praveshotsav.

The government is not filling up innumerable posts of Class -2 including principals, continuous education officer and Education Inspector (EI). The government should organize Recruitment progammes to fill up vacancies for teachers and stop all drama of Shala Praveshotsav, he said.

Kutch district has maximum number of vacant posts of teachers and there are many schools in Abdasa, Naktrana and Lakhpat talukas where practically there is no teacher. The government should recruit teachers in primary schools and give 10% credit in recruitment to those who know Kutchi language. This way the language will also be preserved and the schools will get local permanent teachers. The teachers in the state who have not been given benefits of home loan and other benefits as per the sixth pay commission should be given immediately.

Nothing has been done in the state under RTE Act to give education to poor children in the schools and to stop corruption in admissions. By issuing a notification under the RTE act giving relief to those who have commercialized education and in that way promoting corruption in education, the state government has committed a crime.

In engineering colleges and polytechnics in the state 75% posts of principals, 90% posts of professors, 71% posts of assistant professors and 74 % posts of lecturers are vacant. The state has bright students but no teachers and an engineering graduate from the state does not get job anywhere. Today as many as 11305 engineers are registered as unemployed in the state record. This is 4 times than the number in 1995.

Gohil said that Abdasa is quite big and backward area. There is urgent need for government aided colleges and secondary schools in the three talukas of Abdasa. The college at Nakhtrana should be immediately declared grant-in-aid college. Despite having fulfilled all the government criteria it has not been declared granted college whereas several colleges which came up after Naktrana have been declared granted colleges. PTC, CPEd and DPEd teachers who are working since 1998 should be put under surplus category and given protection.

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