Gujarat reduces fines under new Motor vehicles act

Gujarat Global News Network, Gandhinagar

Gujarat government has announced reduction in fines stipulated in the new Motor Vehicles Act. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani while announcing the new penalty rates said that government was not for charging people but it was for their safety and implementation of rules. The new rules will be implemented from September 16.

Accordingly under the new fine structure in Gujarat, the penalty for not wearing a helmet will be Rs 500, which is Rs 1000 under the MV Act. Helmet for pillion riders is not mandatory now but will be made subsequently, Rupani said.

For not wearing seat belts Rs 500 will be charged, as against Rs 1000 fixed by the centre.

Driving a vehicle without Driving License will attract a fine of Rs 2000 for the two-wheelers and Rs 3000 for the rest, as against Rs 5000 under the new rule

If the license, insurance, PUC, RC book is not there, the fine will be as per the new Motor Vehicles Act. For the first time, Rs 500 will be fined and second time penalty is Rs 1000. Documents uploaded in digi locker will be valid but scanned copies or photos on mobile will not be considered valid.

Use of mobile phones while driving will attract a penalty of Rs.500 for the first time and then Rs.1,000. When asked about headphones and hand free CM clarified that it will be allowed.

For triple riding, the fine will be Rs 100 as against Rs 1000 in the MV Act. Driving a vehicle with pollution has a fine of Rs 10,000 under the new MV Act, whereas in Gujarat it will be Rs 1000 for small vehicles and Rs 3000 for large vehicles.

In case of rash driving the penalty will be Rs. 1500 for three wheelers, Rs. 3,000 for LMV and Rs. 5,000 for others. Under the MV act it is Rs.5,000 for first offence and Rs.10,000 thereafter.

For over speeding for two and three wheelers it is Rs. 1,500, for tractors Rs.1,500 for LMV Rs.2,000 and for others Rs.4,000. Driving vehicles without registration would attract a penalty of Rs. 1,000 for two wheelers, Rs.2,000 for three wheelers, Rs. 3,000 for four wheelers and Rs. 5,000 for others.

For racing in public places or speed trial the fine would be Rs.5,000 for the first time ad Rs.10,000 thereafter. Not giving side to ambulance, fire vehicles or any emergency vehicles the fine would be Rs. 1,000 as against Rs.10,000 under MV act.

To a question in case of undue harassment by traffic police CM said people can complain to the government and necessary action will be taken.

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