Hyperglycaemia is increasing among pregnant women

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Cases of hyperglycaemia are increasing in pregnant women. This not only makes a pregnant woman diabetic but it also affects the child of the pregnant women. Considering this aspect of diabetes the 52nd annual meeting of dietitians in Ahmedabad has focused on hyperglycaemia in pregnant women and diabetes in general.

Talking about diabetes in the country spokesperson of the meeting said that now almost one third of adolescence are found to have pre diabetic symptoms. Unless it is checked they are going to have diabetes later in their life. This serious challenge of diabetes has made the organisers of the workshop have two sessions on diabetes. One of thm is how to educate trainers about diabetes and how to check it.

Talking about nutritious food, she said that this is not the calories but the quality of the food that should be taken into consideration. What we eat, how we eat and how we prepare our food matters most, she said. It is a myth that nutritious food is costly and prohibitive for common man, she said. What we have been eating is nutritious we must be aware of our food. For example she said we are not eating Bhaji which is very good we should include it in our food in our regular diet.

Exploring Frontiers, Empowering Nutrition, Enriching Lives, the theme of the conference Encompasses the trifold aim of the conference: Research, Challenges of daily practice and Community Responsibility.

This is the largest meet of dietitians and nutritionists in India.  A galaxy of renowned speakers, stimulating symposia and refreshingly fresh sessions are the outstanding features of IDACON 2019.

Workshops on HYPERGLYCAEMIA IN PREGNANCY, BARIATRIC NUTRITION, THANDAV (Taking Hit and Dance to Adolescents for victory over NCDs), INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION, NUTRITION IN CRITICAL CARE, and GUT AND BEYOND (Nutritional interventions in Gastro intestinal Diseases) are designed to cater 360 degree view with recent developments in wide spectrum of areas.

The conference marks symposia, panel discussions and debates on Obesity, Cancer, Pediatric nutrition, Nephrology, Diabetes, Food fortification, Liver health, Cardiac health, bone and muscle health, sports nutrition, Nutrition and Fertility, Malnutrition, and much more to enrich and enlighten the inquisitive minds.

This event is covered by 1300 delegates from all over the country. 

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