ICG chopper rescues 7 people of a tug near Gujarat coast

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Indian Coast Guard today rescued 7 crew members of a tug boat which had loss of engine power due to bursting of fuel lines and had no fuel left onboard.

The tug Mt Jalarak was on passage from Veraval to Sikka. It sent distress alert around Wednesday midnight. Due to prevailing monsoon weather the tug started drifting towards land SW of Porbandar harbor posing a serious danger to the crew. The tug sought assistance from tugs from Porbander port but due to extreme weather conditions they expressed inability to extend any support.

Meanwhile ICG ship Shoor was made to sail immediately. The distressed tug was asked to anchor in the position but due to strong swell and rough sea the anchor cable parted and the tug continued to drift towards shore.

ICS shoor came close to Jalarak but could not connect due to rough sea and lack of communication with the tug. The situation worsened with tug further drifting to shallow waters and ICG shoor could to venture and the mission had to be aborted. The crew was in distress.

With first light of morning coast guards helicopters were flown from Porbander and all the seven crew were safely evacuated.

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