IIMA to organize workshop on Financial Literacy

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad, with support from Citi Foundation, is organizing a workshop on The Effective Design of Financial Literacy Programs on 12 July, 2014 at the institute campus.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants from the government, regulators, banks, micro-finance organizations, civil society organizations and academia to review the programs that aim to enhance financial literacy. It will include a presentation by the faculty members of IIMA, who will share their impact-research on effective design and delivery of financial literacy programs.

The technical sessions at the workshop will discuss issues related to inclusion and literacy such as the construction and use of a financial literacy index for the country; and curricula and delivery of financial literacy programs for different target groups including children, urban migrants and rural women.

Together, these sessions would attempt to develop a shared understanding of the issues to evolve an effective policy and implementation framework that will enhance the reach of financial literacy programs to excluded segments of the society.

Eminent professionals from regulatory agencies, academics, banks, micro-finance organizations and the social sector will address the participants as well as function as key resource persons during discussions.

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