Successful liver surgery done on 7-yr old at Civil hospital

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

A successful surgery- hepatectomy was conducted on a 7-year old girl here at the Civil hospital. The surgery involved cutting off portion of liver of the girl who was badly injured in an accident. This is the first of its kind surgery done at the hospital.

The girl has recovered well and will soon be discharged, Dr. Maulik Mehta, assistant professor of surgery department. The girl was bleeding profusely when she was brought here. A vehicle ran over her and there was continuous blood flow form her stomach. Sonography reports showed damage to left lungs and liver also.

To stop bleeding urgent surgery was conducted on her. Her liver had become black and she had excessive stomach ache. She was given blood but her haemoglobin remained at 7. And ultimately doctors took a decision for hepatectomy. The surgery was doen under the guidance of Dr. Vaibhav Sutaria who is well know for liver transplant.

The girl- Roshni- with a smile on her face left the hospital to go home. Dt. Mehta said that the portion of the liver which have been cut off will grow automatically within 2-3 months.

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