Technological advances have made radiation oncology much safe

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Annual conference of radiation oncologists has seen unprecedented participation of oncologists’ physical as well as in terms of abstracts presented in the conference. More than 1500 oncologists are participating in the four day conference which began on November 28. Number of abstract submission is 512 plus according to Dr Pooja Nandwani Patel, Organizing Secretary of the AROICON 2019.

Dr. Rajesh Srivastav, senior oncologist said that the number of cancer patients was rising in countries like India. He admitted that the real cause for the rise was not known, but in this situation we have to focus on resources to meet the challenge of more patients. The fact that the treatment had become multi disciplinary has made cancer treatment more effective with minimum side effects. He said that now a team of doctors decides what kind of treatment would be the best, operation, radiation or chemotherapy.

This year the theme emphasizes the importance of connecting patients with this high-tech environment and cutting edge technological advancements. To both improve their lives and to accelerate further cancer research programs in the field.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Reasearch (ICMR- 2019 data), India has around 2.25 million cases with over 1 lakh new cases being registered every year. In 2018, the disease led to nearly 7 lakh deaths. The ICMR estimates that the country is likely to register over 17 lakh new cases and report over 8 lakh deaths by 2020.

Dr Patel added “The field of Radiation Oncology has seen tremendous advancements in last 3-4 decades. In the past, the radiation treatment used to kill the cancer cells but also affecting the normal cells equally thereby leading to lots of distressing side effects. The new horizons in radiation oncology has witnessed the advent of highly sophisticated advancements like delivering radiation through Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT), Cyberknife and Proton Therapy. Through them, much higher doses of radiation can be delivered safely while ensuring minimum side effects. This is a step towards providing a better patient care so that the patients can live longer healthily with a good quality of life.”

Dr U Suryanarayana, Organizing Chairman of AROICON-2019 said, “This one of it’s kind conference is going to address the treatment of the Gynaecological, Genito-urinary, Neurological, Lung, Breast, Gastro-intestinal, Head & Neck Cancers, others like Lymphoma and Soft Tissue Sarcoma as well as Palliative Care. These scientific sessions comprise of renowned faculties from all over the nation and about 20+ eminent international faculties from globally reputed  cancer institutions like The M D Anderson, USA; The Mayo Clinic, USA; Gustave Roussy, France; Peter Mac Callum, Australia.”

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