Umashankar Joshi memorial lecture on Education

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Eminent educationist professor Krishna Kumar will deliver a lecture on why our education system is not succeeding. This is Umashankar Joshi memorial lecture for this year. Giving details of the lecture Swati Joshi daughter of Umashankar Joshi said that today education is the most burning issue right from the student to the teachers all are facing problem.

The success of education is generally measured in personal context. To evaluate education in social and political context a historical perspective will have to be adopted. Constitution is a document which presents the values and principles that arose out of the freedom struggle in the form of the reconstruction of society. If we examine education on the strength of these principles, its failure becomes evident. The reasons for its failure can be found within the educational system as well as in the absence of connection between society and education.

She said that we are not able to provide affordable quality public education. Those who have money they can afford private education. They can send their children abroad but what about poor. She said that there should be  a provision of at least 6% of budget for education but it swings between three and four percent. At the student level there is problem of quality education in government or civic schools. At the teachers level government doesn’t pay them well so why one should go for teaching if he doesn’t get adequate salary.
Joshi herself is a educationist, former professor of Delhi University. She said what is going on in Delhi University today is the story of what is happening all over the country, government is not recruiting teachers on permanent basis

Krishna Kumar, the speaker, was formerly Professor of Education at Delhi University and Director of N.C.E.R.T. He has written several books in Hindi and English. He has been awarded Padma Shri and an Honorary D.Litt. from London University. He has been associated with several institutions in India and abroad. His recent books include ‘Chooree Bazar Mein Ladkee’, ‘Padhanaa, JaraaSochanaa’ and ‘Politics of Education in Colonial India’.  He is currently Honorary Professor of Education at Punjab University.

The lecture will be on December 7 at Ahmedabad Management Association.

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